Welcome to our new project : San Jose Home

We are getting ready to start a new institution with the name "San Jose Home" at Cheenikuzhy near Thodupuzha to house the poor, homeless and the abandoned, and also for those seniors who are forced to be by themselves because they have no children staying with them. The construction of the buildings will start in 2020 itself with two separate blocks with the names: St. Mother Teresa Block and St. Francis of Assisi Block.

The name "San Jose Home": This name was selected for our new institution mainly for two reasons.:
1) Our Province of ASMI Congregation has St. Joseph as its Patron Saint.
2) St. Joseph did not enjoy the privacy and security of being at home when it was most needed, when it was time for Mary for giving birth to the Child Jesus and at least for several days more. Headed by St. Joseph the Holy Family had to flee to the foreign land, Egypt, during the infancy of Jesus, to protect the life of Child Jesus. We do not know for how long they had to wait to reach Nazareth, where the Child Jesus grew up. Because we are starting this institution with the primary intention of taking care of the poor and homeless, we felt that it is most fitting to have St. Joseph as its Patron Saint.
St. Mother Theresa Block: We named the Block intended to take care of the homeless and abandoned "St. Mother Teresa Block" to express our love and devotion to St. Theresa of Calcutta, who is the greatest model of Christian love in this modern world.
St. Francis of Assisi Block: St. Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of our ASMI Congregation. We wanted to name the Block meant for the lower-middle class and middle-class couples, who are forced to be by themselves in their senior years (for reasons that their children may be away from home and cannot give needed care and attention, may be the husband or the wife passed away and the one living is left to be by himself / herself. There are so many incidents of robbery and even homicide with regards to those living in this category in these recent years, and they are in great need of living in a secure atmosphere). We are naming "St. Francis of Assisi Block" because of our love and devotion to St. Francis of Assisi, one of the greatest saints ever lived, and popularly known as the "Second Christ." Francis of Assisi was called "the second Christ" because his life was so totally given over to expressing the life of Jesus.
Rev Fr. Jose Varickamackal has donated the land for the proposed project and he will be the chaplain of the san Jose home